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Erik “Jay” Ramsey aka “Thumpin”



I began my “career” in graphic design in late 2006. I started out just hooking up my own myspace page and things grew from there. At first I partnered up with a designer from Australia. We worked on some things together and I found myself getting better each time. My partner landed a big job and our partnership had to take a backseat. Fueled by what I had accomplished, I decided to go it alone. I have never gone to school for graphic design and would never claim to be a professional anything. I’m a natural born entrepreneur driven by the great potential of success. I have learned something new with every page I’ve designed and each one, I think, outdoes the other. In all honesty, you just have to want it bad enough. I wanted to do something I enjoyed. I wanted to tap into a market in which I knew I could be successful. I wanted to have no one to answer to but myself and maybe my wife sometimes. So that’s it; no fancy degree, no training; just the willingness to be a better person and better graphic designer.






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